What is China’s BRI?

>> What is China’s BRI?

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is an effort powered by the Chinese government to connect East Asia and Europe through trade routes. Under its banner, the Chinese government has spent billions of dollars upgrading infrastructure — roads, railways, air links — that connect China with Europe. It has, in short, changed the face of the world in only a few years.

Proponents of China’s BRI say that it is the ultimate expression of globalisation and has enriched and empowered millions of people. Its detractors disagree. They say that the BRI is a cover for China to increase its power and patronage.

And another part of the BRI brand needs to be clarified before we can move on. The Belt is the overland part of the project, the road is the seafaring part of the project.

>> Got it. So with all this in mind, what is the Silk Road Intelligencer?

The Silk Road Intelligencer, or SRI, as it is often known, was set up in 2007 to report on Central Asia. In 2012, the Conway Bulletin, which is now called the Central Asia & South Caucasus Bulletin, bought the SRI. It originally used the SRI to brand its newswire service. As for the new reincarnation of the brand, this feels like a return to form for the SRI. Silk Road Intelligencer is a now weekly publication, of about four pages containing around 20 news stories, comment and analysis, that will report, predominantly but not exclusively, on the Belt of China’s BRI.

>> Right. So Silk Road Intelligencer’s focus is on the ‘belt’. What makes this publication different? Why should I read it?

The sister title of the SRI is the Central Asia & South Caucasus Bulletin. It has been published for a decade now and is considered by many to be the best weekly news product on the Central Asia and South Caucasus region.
It is read by ambassadors and government policymakers around the world. It is also read by businessmen, security analysts, students and company CEOs. In short, the Central Asia & South Caucasus Bulletin has built up a reputation for expertise, accuracy and trust. Its motto is: “Independence, integrity, brevity” and the SRI carries this ethos on.

The lunched date for the SRI is June 2020. Get in touch to register your interest by emailing editor@thebulletin.news