News coverage of China’s Belt and Road project

The Silk Road Intelligencer is your trusted, independent news service covering China’s Belt and Road project across the former Soviet Union into Turkey and eastern Europe. There will be some coverage of the so-called “road” part of the project — the sea route from China around India and into Africa — but the focus is on the “belt” land route.

China’s BRI, as its Belt and Road project is known, is changing the face of global trade, carving new routes across continents that connect markets in Europe with production centres in East Asia. Along the way it is changing communities and influencing governments. Keeping on top of its twists and turns has become a vital part of understanding global business.

And this is where the Silk Road Intelligencer comes in.

The SRI was first published in 2007 as a news aggregator service and since then has been used as a brand across a number of news services. Now it has been revamped by the team that brought you the Conway Bulletin as its BRI news service.

SRI is a daily newswire service delivering the top news on the BRI to your inbox and a weekly 2-page news bulletin. It is edited from Edinburgh by former Reuters Moscow correspondent James Kilner with contributions from across the region from the Conway Bulletin’s network of correspondents and stringers



A bit more info on the Silk Road Intelligencer

>>So, the Silk Road Intelligencer. What is with the name?

The SRI, as it is often called, was set up by an American living in Astana in 2007. He was from Seattle and as a nod to his hometown newspaper the Seattle Intelligencer, he called his news aggregator the Silk Road Intelligencer.

>>How did the Conway Bulletin get involved?

The Conway Bulletin bought the SRI in 2012 and used the brand as its newswire service for the next five years. With the rise in interest in China’s BRI it was decided to give the SRI a standalone product. This is it. A newswire service covering the top news and a weekly bulletin.

>>Why is The Conway Bulletin and its staff qualified to produce a news service on China’s BRI?

The Conway Bulletin has been produced since 2010. Its readers include government agencies, embassies, energy companies, universities, law firms, businessmen. The list goes on. At the core of The Conway Bulletin is good independent journalism, skills and a mindset that are transferrable.

The motto of the Conway Bulletin is “independence, integrity, brevity” and we will be applying all these values rigorously to the BRI.

>>Why are you just covering the belt bit of the BRI?

It’s our core region and, although we may branch out, this is the right place for us to focus on at first while we get the product off the ground.

Reporting on how China is remaking international trade routes and the influence it is wielding over governments has become a vital part of global business. The SRI will be an important tool in achieving this and at a reasonable price too.

>>What are the contact details? I may want to get in touch on other issues.

Please do. You can email James at editor[at] He’s more than happy to give people free trials of The Bulletin.

Also, our office address is:

The Conway Bulletin, 14 Hill Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3JZ

The telephone number is +44 (0)131 344 4335